Esteban Uribe

Film Director-Screenwriter-Editor

Esteban Uribe is a Brooklyn-based film director, editor and musician. His work explores the absurd and sometimes comedic side of isolation and melancholia, while also emphasizing on the bittersweetness of the self and the inherent musicality that results from it. 

He has written, edited and directed 7 short films, including award-winning "Riff" and "Schlock Fish". His work has been projected in more than 30 film festivals in countries such as Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, United States, England, Canada, Italy, India and Colombia. His new short film "Cleanse Pest, Rest" is currently on the festival circuit. He is directing a TV show called "My Friend Will", which will premiere this year, and on 2018 he plans to shoot his first feature film, "Alirio: Una Historia de Soledad Urbana" (Alirio: A story of Urban Loneliness).